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WRT54G Menu in browser access?

Is there a way to access the setup menus in a browser for the WRT54G? I have an older wireless-B router that was configured that way, and I need to access the menus manually rather than using the Advisor, which doesn't allow me to configure everything (like turning the wireless part on or off, setting up different apps through different ports, etc.) When I tried using the in my browser, all I got was a single page with the DHCP on it; where there normally would be tabs like Setup, Wireless, Security, Administration, etc. there is nothing so I can't access anything else. How do I get the full menu with the tabs, etc.? Thanks very much for your help!
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Re: WRT54G Menu in browser access?

Check if your firewall is on. Turn it off and try again. Or you can try a different computer just to be sure.
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Re: WRT54G Menu in browser access?

Disable all firewall & antivirus software on the computer ....
Check if the setup page is 100% loaded or not ....
If not ... reset the router .....check the firmware version on the router....