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Accepted Solution

WRT54G V8 Antenna change.

I need to know how to remove my antenna on my linksys wrt54g v8.


I'm afraid I'm going to break the thing, i really need some help here linksys =/


I'm trying to replace it with an upgraded antenna i bought.

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Re: WRT54G V8 Antenna change.

My dog gnaw my router's antenna...:mansad: my brother gave me his busted linksys. So, I also have a similar question. How can i replace the antenna? Is there a way to twist it? or should i buy a new router instead?
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Re: WRT54G V8 Antenna change.

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You cannot remove the antennas on the v8, but you can on earlier versions.
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Re: WRT54G V8 Antenna change.

This may be a correct answer, but to term it a "solution" overstates the case when, in fact, Linksys has apparently disabled their customers from using the WRT54G with an external antenna. Of course, this was not the case with the original Linksys WRT54G, which was a simple screw thread to add an external antenna.


A better solution and a more transparent way of doing business would be to give this new and lesser wireless router the new model number it so richly deserves. Something that would make it plain to unsuspecting customers that the router they were purchasing is not the router previously sold as a WRT54G.

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Re: WRT54G V8 Antenna change.

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I agree. I bought the Linksys HGA7T 7Dbi Antenna Kit and it clearly states that it supports the WRT54G and WRT54GS





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