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WRT54G and Vantec NexStar LX HD case compatability issue

I bought 2 of the Vantec NexStar LX (NexStar) HD cases and 2 Seagate 500ATA HDs.  One for my home and one for work.  At home, using a D-Link router.  At work, I have the WRT54G (V8) updated the latest firmware last week.  I am hooking up both units (home and work) through wired LAN.
The problem is the NexStar at work doesn't work very well.  After the HD sleeps (say 10min that is set in the NexStar), the router kicks it out of the network and I have to turn the NexStar off/on to have it back up.  Everything else work very well in the network including a Xerox network printer, 4 desktops (2 wired, 2 wireless).
The way I figured to work around this is to disable the "sleep time" so the the HD never stops spinning.  This is obviously a temporary solution.
The one that I'm using at home with a D-Link router works perfectly fine.  I've switched both the NexStar units between home and work and it is still the same.  So, a bad unit is out of the question.
To me, this is clearly a LinkSys problem.
Anyone can point me to a solution would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.