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WRT54G and Windows 7

VaiFan wrote a response to someone else' problem about using a WRT54G on Windows 7 computer. The router is hooked up to my brand spanking new computer and it is working, however, it is an unsecured connection and I want to secure it, but when I type in the IP Address, Subnet Mask Address, or Default Address I get the message cannot be found.  VaiFan recommended doing the following.  I have downloaded the two files recommended on my desktop.  However, I have no idea where or how to search for the firmware.  Can someone tell me where to look and exactly what am I looking for beside a "bin" file.  There are all kinds of "bin" files on my computer.  In order to find this file on my new computer, do I need to load the setup CD I have.   I am not real computer saavy so any help will be appreciated. 

Here is what VaiFan wrote.


Try to upgrade the router's firmware using TFTP utility..Download the TFTP utility and save it on the desktop.Also Download the firmware for WRT54G v6 and save it on the desktop.


Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware on the device : -
Double click the TFTP.exe file and click run.
For Server- Enter the IP Address of the router that you assigned.  By default, the router is
For Password- Enter the password you assigned the router. By default, the router’s password is “admin”.
For File- Click the triple “…” button and browse for the .bin firmware file...
Click Upgrade button to start upgrading.  A progress bar should show up to show the progress.

Once the Upgrade is done press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...


**Make sure your modem is connected to the router on internet port and the computer on the ethernet port of the router while you run the TFTP program.

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Re: WRT54G and Windows 7

Delete all the .bin files from your computer...Go to linksys website(,enter the correct model no in the search box and choose the correct version no.Now,download the firmware file.It's .bin file....Now,run the TFTP.exe program and choose the .bin file and follow the rest of the steps as vaifan mentioned.