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Registered: ‎08-30-2007

WRT54G and laptop

I am helping my brother hook up his wireless network and am getting a brain fade. I have a wireless network in my home and have no problems with it, but his is a different story.
He has a desktop with Windows 98, won't change because it runs perfect and won't get rid of the computer and it is not worth upgrading that particular one.
Comp #2 is a laptop with XP. About a year old with built in wireless.
I used the Laptop to install the network because the requirements on the router box did not support 98. Wired through the laptop, the network router works fine. This kind of defeats the purpose of a wireless network attached with a cable to a laptop.
All security settings were used when installing the router, such as SSID disabled and encryption.
Do I have to enable SSID so his laptop can see the router? If so, will it always have to be enabled?