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WRT54G losing internet connection

I had a problem of losing the internet connection after 5 minutes. I had to unplug and plug in the power each time. pain...I remembered firmware updates. If you go to easy answers and select #3, it will show you how to download and install the firmware.
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Re: WRT54G losing internet connection

To upgrade to firmware on router
If you are not able to go online from router then connect modem to your computer (Disconnect the Linksys router)
When you are online from modem
First log on to and select the correct model number of router with correct version number (You will get the model & version number at the bottom of router). After selecting the correct model no. click on download for the products,.... then click on Firmware,..... Then Click on downalod firmware,...
&save the file to desktop,...(dont open the file, its a bin file, not a zip file)
Once got the file on computer connect router to comp
Log on to router setup page by typing in the address bar of internet explorer,.... After logged to router setup page go to Administration tab Under it you will a subtab Firmware upgrade,.....
Click on browse,.......... & select the file from desktop & click on upgrade
After upgrading firmware power cycle the system,.......