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WRT54G security key??

Yesterday, the wireless internet was fine until it suddenly disconnected. When I tried to connect, windows said the security setting was incorrect so i made sure it was WPA personal, tkip and when I entered the security key it said that the security settings were still incorrect!! How do i reconfigure my wireless internet?

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Re: WRT54G security key??

First check the Wireless Settings on your Router - Follow this link


Once you know the Wireless Settings - 


Assuming you have Windows Vista - Click Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >> Manage Wireless Networks, here remove all the networks present and close the Window...
Click on Connect to a Network and try to re-connect to your Network, it should ask for your Network Key/Password, enter the correct password/network key and click Connect...
It should connect...Once you are connected you should restart the computer, it should connect to Internet...