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WRT54G wireless router -- service keeps cutting in and out :( help!!!

Hi, all. I'm hoping someone can assist with my predicament. Customer care seems to not know what to do. Smiley Sad

I have a linksys WRT54G wireless router. It is hooked up via wire to a PC with Windows XP. That runs ok. The problem is the wireless, which I connect to via my Mac (OSX).

The signal is very, very weak and the service keeps cutting out, even when the signal is strong.

Regarding the signal, I'm not sure what's the issue. I have connected before and gotten reception from a large house. I just moved to a new apt, which is not very big at all. If I go into the living room, I am out of the range of the wireless. I'm not sure why this is as in previous apts/houses I have gotten a signal from downstairs when the router is upstairs.

Could there be something in the apartment hindering the transmission of the signal? Does anyone know if I can widen the range of the network?

The second issue is far, far more important far more frustrating. When I am in an area where I can access the wireless (such as my room, which is about 15-20 feet away from the router) , it will frequently cut out.

The network just ... disappears. Sometimes it will be up for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour. No longer than 2 hours, though. When it dies, it will come back up again, although the time varies (literally) between 5 minutes to one hour to overnight!

I spoke to customer service twice and their solution was to keep changing the channel the wireless is on. I have changed it to several different channels, every time the signal cuts out, and this hasn't solved the problem.

I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience and can offer some advice. There's nothing like being the main healer of a level 70 dungeon and repeatedly getting booted offline. Smiley Sad
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Re: WRT54G wireless router -- service keeps cutting in and out :( help!!!

Hi…in this case logon to router’s setup page, change the channel to 11, and go to “advanced wireless settings” tab, reduce Beacon Interval to 50, Fragmentation and RTS Threshold should be 2304, setup a wireless security on router, also try upgrading latest firmware on router…check whether it works or not and let me know.
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Re: WRT54G wireless router -- service keeps cutting in and out :( help!!!

Thanks for replying. I inputted all of the changes you suggested, but I'm still experiencing difficulties. I have given up hope of accessing the internet from 2 rooms away, but even when I am close to the router (one room away, about 15-20 feet or so) the connection shorts out.

What is very strange about this is that sometimes it shows that the signal strength is good, but I'm experiencing a lot of lag and sometimes it informs me that I am no longer online.

This is driving me nuts. Smiley Sad The only solution I can think of is switching the internet/cable line to a cable jack closer to where I access the internet online, but our ISP charges $20 for such things and I can't afford to throw away my money if this doesn't help.