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WRT54G2 v1 broken web-interface

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Sorry my bad English.


my problem:


in router broken web interface (some elements hide / or not present) : see puctures


in pic2 you can see - upgrade button hide.. i cant upgrade or rewrite firmware.

i try:

try rewrite firmware from web-interface
try reset firmware by press reset button on backside..

try change browsers (safari opera firefox ie)

try disable (css/scripts/views) in browsers

try change conection port on router and on pc

try change station pc notebook - another notebook

try connect from other OS (ubuntu xp win7 vista) result


what can i do to restore original firmware??

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Re: WRT54G2 v1 broken web-interface

Try to reset the router to defaults. If that doesn't work, try the 30-30-30 reset. Here's the procedure.

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Re: WRT54G2 v1 broken web-interface

I try..  it not work...

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Re: WRT54G2 v1 broken web-interface

solution found:


switch off power from router

then press reset button and return power

press reset button while router boot.. then open browser

router must be in managment mode.

then wrote dd-wrt VxWorksKiller-G2V1-new.bin (original firmware not work i try! ..but maybe you more happy)

after that reboot router (reconnect power wire)

and wrote main dd-wrt.v24_micro_generic.bin firmware by tftp


cd /d <firmware_folder>
tftp.exe -i PUT dd-wrt.v24_micro_generic.bin


after that reboot router 2 times - (reconnect power wire)

and do 1  hard reset (30-30-30 method)


it help me.

dd-wrt site