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WRT54G2 v1 - no internet connection

So I've had this device for more than a year, it was performing great. Today, electricity power went off and came back, ever after I lost internet connection ( I am able to connect to the network ).


* I have a Nanostation 5 connected to my linksys.


I have tried to reset factory setting, reset via the back button, upgraded the firmware but nothing is working.


what I noticed: if i click the button on my device the light would be interrupting green for a while and then it would turn to orange. and I noticed the Wi fi protected setup hagning at 99%.


The setting of my linksys is DHCP automatic configuration. I am sure I have no problem with my nanostation or isp because if my connect my nanostation directly (via LAN) internet connection would work..


I have no idea why am I able to connect to my network and access my linksys, but have no internet connection.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: WRT54G2 v1 - no internet connection

You might try to reset your wireless router again by pressing reset button for 30s while it's powered on, and after that reconfigure it again. If you need help, this is wireless router configuration example, you might want to have a look.  


In worst case, your wireless router is faulty, might need to get a new one.

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Re: WRT54G2 v1 - no internet connection

Thanks for your reply, I solved it. I changed the cable and used PPPoE instead of automatic configuration.