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WRT54G2 wireless router reset itself to factory settings?

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Hello, I received this router on Friday (WRT54G2 ver 1.0) and setup all the security features (including wap2), changing all passwords, adding password protection to anything that tried to connect to the network wirelessly, and so on. 


Today, when I got home (through Network Magic Pro), I noticed someone was connected to my network and doing who knows what. When I tried to login to router's admin pages, I wasn't able to connect; then to realize my https:// settings were reverted back to http:// to connect. At which point, I noticed the admin password was reset and all measures of security were reset too.


In the last couple of days my internet connection has been somewhat intermitent as well (even with the wired connections); as streaming media on youtube would still play although I couldn't connect to new ips at all. 


My question is, has anyone else had this issue? If the router can revert for no reason back to factory settings, I don't feel too safe using this router.

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Re: WRT54G2 wireless router reset itself to factory settings?

The first issue is that you need to be sure that you connected wirelessly to your own network today, and not your neighbor's network.  If your SSID is still "linksys", then it will be hard to tell.  To be certain that you are connecting to your own network, give your router a unique SSID  (When you do this, be sure to use a computer that is wired to your router).   Do not use an SSID of  "linksys".


If you are certain that you connected to your own router, and that your router did indeed loose its settings, then most likely, you had an electrical noise problem.


Routers seem to be sensitive to electrical surges and noise. This can cause them to loose their settings. You should keep your router plugged into a high quality surge suppressor with EMI/RFI filtering, such as the Belkin SurgeMaster Gold Series. A surge suppressor alone is not enough because surge suppression does not start until the voltage exceeds 330 volts. Alternatively, most UPS devices have both surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering.


Additionally, since your router forgot its settings, you should download and install (or re-install) the latest firmware for your router.  After the firmware upgrade, you must reset the router to factory defaults, then setup the router again from scratch.  If you saved a router configuration file, DO NOT use it.

If the above does not prevent your router from "forgetting" its settings, then the router is malfunctioning, and it should be replaced.  Phone Linksys and get an RMA number, so you can get a replacement under your warranty.  A router that forgets its settings is not secure.

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Re: WRT54G2 wireless router reset itself to factory settings?

You need to be sure you are connected to your Own network, and make sure your dont share your Wireless Security key with anyone else. Keep it secret if you dont wish any one else use your Wireless Internet.


If you are login to the Router setup page, with the Hardwired Computer, you can change the security key and using that security key you can try to connect to your Wireless network and this will solve your problem .


If still you are not able to login to the Hardwire computer, Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...


Open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type - and press Enter...Leave username blank & in password use admin in lower case...


For Wireless Settings, please do the following : -
Click on the Wireless tab
-Here select manual configuration...Wireless Network mode should be mixed...
-Provide a unique name in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) box in order to differentiate your network from your neighbours network...


- Set the Radio Band to Standard-20MHz and change the Standard channel to 11-2.462GHz...Wireless SSID broadcast should be Enabled and then click on Save Settings...


Please make a note of Wireless Network Name (SSID) as this is the Network Identifier...

For Wireless Security : -
Click on the Sub tab under Wireless > Wireless Security...
Change the Wireless security mode to WPA2 , For Encryption, select AES...For Passphrase input your desired WPA Key. For example , MySecretKey , This will serve as your network key whenever you connect to your wireless network. Do NOT give this key to anyone.

NOTE : Passphrase should be more that 8 characters...

Click on Advanced Wireless Settings
Change the Beacon Interval to 75 >>Change the Fragmentation Threshold to 2304 Change the RTS Threshold to 2307 >>Click on "Save Settings"...
Now see if you can locate your Wireless Network and attempt to connect...