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WRT54G2 with Motorola DSL 3360

We just moved from an area with cable broadband to one with only ATT DSL. We signed up, bought a Motorola 3360 DSL Modem and activated service. However, it will not work with the Linksys WT54G2. If we connect the cable from the modem to the router nothing works. However, if we attach the cable from the modem to any of the four wired ports the other three wired ports work. But the wireless does not. so it is very frustrating. Other online forums have not helped so I decided to go to the source. Can anyone help?

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Re: WRT54G2 with Motorola DSL 3360

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Start by pressing in and holding the reset button on the back of the router for at least 30 seconds. Next follow these instructions to configure the router for use with a DSL modem.

Setting up a Linksys router for DSL Internet connection


Make sure to perform the setup of the router from a computer wired to one of the four networking ports on the back of the router. The modem should be connected via wire to the port labeled WAN or INTERNET on the back of the router.


Edit to Add: Note that with some AT&T DSL modems one may have to change the router's Local IP Address from the default to (Note the change to the number 2 in second IP address). Some AT&T DSL modems default to handing out the IP address to a router's WAN port. This will conflict with the default local IP address the Linksys router tries to hand out to local clients. This will cause computers to be unable to access the Internet through the router.

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Re: WRT54G2 with Motorola DSL 3360

access 3360 from computer to address written on bottom. enter code on bottom when prompted. change modem under adanced settings to PPP. then conect to router thats already set up with PPoE. Phone company doesn't offer support though they know exactly what the problem is. good luck.

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Re: WRT54G2 with Motorola DSL 3360

I went rhough a lengthy exercise with Internet searches and ATT support and here is the solution:


Connect Motorola 3360 to computer Ethernet

Open a browser and get to the URL:

Now you are in modem configuration

Click on Advanced

Click on PPP Location

Enter the modem Access Code found at the bottom of the modem

Click on Router or Computer

Save the configuration


Connect router to the computer


Settings for DSL

Protocol:  PPPOE

Your DSL username

Your DSL password

Call ATT support fot the last two items if you do not know.


Connect modem to the router.


Now the router, NOT modem, will supply PPPOE user name and password to the DSL Wide Area Network and it should work.


Good luck.