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WRT54GH No ping response after a while, no wireless after a while

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I've updated latest firmware & installed 5 pieces of WRT54GH at our building. Then I noticed each of them disappear from wireless connections list and IP scan list (no ping response). If they might not response to pings but they serve as switch without any problem, I mean there are no wired connection problems, they work as switch all the time. The problems are -again-


1-) Wireless lost

   and / or

2-) Ping response lost


Turning them off and on again will fix them. But I'm tired of bosses who complain about their faulty pc connectivities.


Don't they run 7/24? I tried to restart them on every 12 hours programmatically/remotely but it couldn't help.

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Re: WRT54GH No ping response after a while, no wireless after a while

You mentioned in the post that you upgraded the firmware of the router. So after upgrading the firmware did you reset the router? Since, after successful firmware upgrade you need to reset the Router. It is recommended to reset the router once. Steps to reset the router:


Push the reset button on router for 30 seconds, turn off the router wait for 30 seconds and then power it on. Power light should blink when you perform the reset process.


After reset, reconfigure the router and then check the connectivity status..