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WRT54GS How many devices are supported?

Im wondering how many devices this router will work for? I bought a Linksys 8 port router thinking I had to have 8 ports if I wanted to use more than 4 devices. Then the other night I heard that you can use 4 wired ethernet devices and 32 wireless devices. BTW, I'm trying to hook up IP cameras. So far, I've been able to use 2 wired cameras, my desktop computer, and two wireless cameras, but am unclear about just how many wireless devices are supported.


Also, I've noticed that the fifth device doesnt show up in Linksys Easylink Advisor, but they all work regardles.



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Re: WRT54GS How many devices are supported?

The exact numbers depend on the exact router hardware version and firmware.

I think 32 wireless clients could be realistic. Even if you could connect more it would not be much fun anyway as you would have a lot of interference if you connected so many wireless devices to a single access point...

Wired: if you use a Linksys router as gateway the absolute maximum of devices (wired and wireless) is 253 because that's the biggest LAN IP subnet Linksys routers support. You can always extend a wired LAN by getting a standard ethernet switch and connect it to a LAN port of your router. The number of LAN ports on a specific router (or switch) is never a limitation. You can always extend the wired LAN using ethernet switches.
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Re: WRT54GS How many devices are supported?

I am also agree with gv.The information given by him is correct.
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Re: WRT54GS How many devices are supported?

32 devices on 802.11g