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WRT54GS Lost Password Help?

Hi everyone. I have a problem.
I have the wireless router WRT54GS. I lost my login and password after my laptop crashed. I don't know what to do. How do I reset the login and password information?
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Re: WRT54GS Lost Password Help?

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you mean router's username and password? username just leave black or empty then password by default is admin...if admin will not work try to use your favorite passwords...last option is to reset the router for about 10sec. then unplugged the power adapter for another 10sec. just remember that after the reset router will go back to its factory default and needs to be reconfigured again...

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Re: WRT54GS Lost Password Help?

What do you mean by username & password? Is it on the router? Since you can't remember it anymore, you just have to reset the router back to it's default by pressing the RESET button located at the back panel of the router for 30 seconds & power it down for 10 seconds.
After resetting the router, access the router's page thru It will prompts you for username & password...just leave username blank & password is "admin" , that should be in lower case. From there, you can reconfigure the settings on the router.
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Re: WRT54GS Lost Password Help?

if you have a wired computer to the router, you can access the router settings page and check the wireless sttings.through that page you can also get the wireless key.
on the wired pc, try to open internet explorer and type on the address:, use admin as password ....
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