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WRT54GS - Name resolver fail, DDNS update fail!

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Firmware Version: v1.50.6, Capture(month.num2)Feb. 17, 2006 

Ver 6


What shoudl I do about it ?


Should I switch to DLinkDDNS?  Not sure if it fix that issues.


It seems a lot of issues with Linksys but ratings are high.

I used to have Belkin - all worked fine - it didn't have DDNS.


THe DHCP Client Table only shows the Desktop pc - doesn't list the VoIP and the  Laptop!



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Re: WRT54GS - Name resolver fail, DDNS update fail!

Try upgrading your router with the latest firmware.Download 1.37 MB the firmware for WRT54G v6 and save it on the desktop.

Now,On the Linksys GUI...Click on Administrator tab and click on subtab "firmware upgrade" to upgrade the firmware.


Once you are finished with upgrading the router's firmware then reset the router for 1 minute and reconfigure it from the scratch.