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WRT54GS and Charter Cable Modem problems

Hi All!
I've been reading through the forums trying to find an answer to a question I've got with my wireless network setup.  I've just signed up for Charter High-Speed which just became available in my area and I'm having issues getting my wireless network to access the internet.

I've got a Win XP SP3 laptop that can access the internet fine when using the wired connection to the cable modem.  I've even managed to connect the WRT54GS to the cable modem and have used the setup techniques found elsewhere in these forums (connect cable modem to WAN port, reset WRT54GS,  power cycle everything, enable MAC cloning, power cycle everything - again).  This is where the setup has me stumped.
From what I've read so far, it sounds like a wired connection through the WRT54GS should now be able to access the internet.  This is not working for me.  I can, however, access both the router and the cable modem (192.168.XXX.XX) - I just can't get out on the internet.  Both devices can also be accessed wirelessly, but again, no internet access.

Any ideas as to what is going on?  FYI: the router and cable modem are in the same room and the wireless laptop is normally at a distance of about 10 feet.  To my knowledge there are no other devices that might be causing interference.
I would appreciate any help that anyone might be able to offer.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: WRT54GS and Charter Cable Modem problems

Once you had done MAC address Clone ...check the WAN IP address under Status ,..... if not then Power cycle the network ... .if still no IP then .... reset the router for 2-3 minutes & then see if you are getting IP or not ....
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Re: WRT54GS and Charter Cable Modem problems

Just a quick update to let you know that everything is now working, sans the MAC address cloning.  Apparantly this one step is what was causing the problem.  Everything now works wirelessly - albeit slower than a direct [wired] connect.
On that note, anyone know if the WRT54GS could be causing a bottleneck? Average speed using test at 2Wire:

Computer wired directly to modem ~2.1-2.6 Mbps
Wireless connection ~790 kbps
I have left the MTU on the router set to "Auto", but I have experimented with it on "Manual" and can not tell any significant difference.