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WRT54GS v7.50.5 To Tomato

I would like to upgrade to Tomato (is that even an upgrade?) Im presently running firmware v7.50.5 but when i try to install the bin file for tomato i get an error that says Upgrade Are Failed! My guess is that i may neeed to downgrade to V4 or lower to get this to work. Really all i want to do is boost my wireless signal mbps. I have installed a cooling fan so it should be able to handle the boost i'm still just trying to figure this all out any info?



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Re: WRT54GS v7.50.5 To Tomato

The Version of your router  (V7) refers to the innards.  Firmware is a different story.


Tomato only works on v1-v4.   If you want to run Tomato you'll need to go to ebay and buy a v1, v2, v3, or v4 router. v5, v6, and v7 don't work with the Tomato stuff.


For more details: