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WRT54GS v7 power blinking, cannot ping

My router keep dropping the connection so I tried to update the firmware yesterday. However, it failed in the middle of the process and then the router seems got bricked with power light keep blinking. I hard reset several times, no use. Cannot ping from both windows and linux most cases, however, ocasionally was able to ping and entered "management mode firmaware upgrade" interface couple times in both windows and linux. but it always goes to "browser is offline" mode when I located the firmware and apply it, and normally after that, i cannot ping immediately and get "connection is reset" or "network is unreachable" kind of errors. i was thinking maybe try DD-WRT, it does not work either and failed in using firmware upgrade dialogue to load vxworkskillerGSv7-v3.bin and give me that browser offline error. can someone give me some advice? this is driving me crazy... and by connecting directly to my motorola SB5120 cable modem, somehow in windows, USB connection works, but LAN ethernet cable does not work - while in Linux, LAN ethernet cable does works couple times, but not always.
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Re: WRT54GS v7 power blinking, cannot ping

You can try this :


- hold down the reset button for about 30 seconds, then unplug the device, while you are still holding down the reset button.

- leave unplugged for about 5 seconds, while you are still holding down the reset button.

- plug the unit back in, while you are still holding down the reset button.

- after about 5 seconds, let go off the reset button.

- go to the webpage of the router.

- you should see the special mode.


Try this link