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WRT54gl - ssid broadcast problem

Hi I have had the above router for two years now. Got playstation 3 using it and now it just will not broadcast its SSID. It is using the latest firmware, I have reset the security, enable/diabled SSID Broadcast from the firewall and diabled the security features. With wires it works fine. Still the playstation 3 and two other laptop will not pick the wireless router in the list. It may find it intermitently and then loose it again. Please advise Many thanks
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Re: WRT54gl - ssid broadcast problem

You might need to reflash the router's firmware using the latest firmware version. Be sure to press the Reset button at the back of the router for 10 seconds after the successful upgrade. Also, make sure that the WLAN light at the front panel of the router is lit.
You may also try to change the SSID of the Linksys router's Wireless Settings.
Hope this helps!