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WRT610Nv2 / Reaver WPS / Firmware upgrade?

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Hey folks,


I'm curious - is the WRT610Nv2 going to get a firmware upgrade for the Reaver vuln?   Or do I need to simply get a new router (or install dd-wrt)?  


Was the WRT610Nv2 not vulnerable to the issue?  


According to this page:

The WRT610Nv2 was listed as vulnerable (albeit, 24 hours for the attack, still .. those pesky teenager neighbours with nothing to do but prove they can crack stuff).  


Cisco is a huge company, they couldn't fix this one tiny thing?   I didn't buy it *that* long ago.  How could we possibly purchase another product from the company if this is going to be how you support?  Fool me once..


It'd be good to at least get a comment on this.



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Re: WRT610Nv2 / Reaver WPS / Firmware upgrade?

The WRT160 has been discontinued for years.  No updates are ever going to happen.

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Re: WRT610Nv2 / Reaver WPS / Firmware upgrade?

If sabretooth is correct, an update might not happen anymore. Any manufacturer that puts a particular device/software on their discontinued list would not release any more updates for it. I guess it is time to get a new one. I had to do the same thing as well but for a different concern. With the trend of technology we have nowadays, devices get old very soon. Even a phone gets out-dated after a year, even after 6 months. Keeping updated with gadgets and things like this is just too costly. Smiley Sad Smiley Happy

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Re: WRT610Nv2 / Reaver WPS / Firmware upgrade?

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That's ludicrous.   I bought the router from a retailer just a couple of years ago.   For them to end of life it so soon would be insane.


There's no chance I'd ever buy a router from them again if that's how fast they become utterly useless and has to be thrown away.


Sure, I understand when a product isn't as fast or as featureful or even if it doesn't connect with new gadgets, but to be utterly broken?     


Lol.   If true - Way to self destruct, linksys.


However, I'd like to hear it from Linksys as to whether or not the router was actually vulnerable.

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Re: WRT610Nv2 / Reaver WPS / Firmware upgrade?

According to this link WPS Vulnerability status update for Linksys devices, the availability of firmware to disable WPS for WRT610N is still on TBD (To be Determined) status. They also provided a workaround while still waiting for the firmware in providing additional protection for your network. Their workaround is to disable the wireless radio. I may have to agree with sabretooth that there may be no firmware update for this anymore since the router is already a discontinued product. Let’s hope though that Linksys will still provide a firmware update to fix WPS vulnerability concern for this router.