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Weird Errors on

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Hello, I've had my router for about a month now and here's the preamble of weird errors:  For the first 2 weeks my WRT54GS ver7 worked wonderfully.  The only other computer connected to the wireless is a laptop.  Internet and online gaming was smooth.  But after those 2 weeks, I began experiencing terrible latency that affected gaming tremendously and slowed down internet browsing and downloads.


I decided to update the firmware to the current version, so I put into the browser (Firefox and IE), went to Administration to update the firmware.  I saved my config and uploaded the firmware's .bin file.  It began connecting and about 3/4s the way in, the connection was lost.  When I hit back, the upload button refused to function, so I close the site and entered it again.  Now, some images of the page aren't appearing, and I cannot access certain parts of the page, including the 'Administration' button.  Whenever I click on it, I get a white page of this symbol:  €  and I get two boxes next to it, but I cannot produce this symbol here.


Not only can I not access "Administration", but I also can't get in "Wireless", "Port Triggering", and "Status".  Also, the router is working.  I'm connected through it right now.


Any ideas?



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Re: Weird Errors on

Hi, I think now u need to reset your router. To Reset your Router hold the reset button on the back of your router for 30 sec and after 30sec unplug the power and Replug the power and release the Reset Button, and after that try accessing the router setup.