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Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

I can't find it anywhere on your site. Im trying to upgrade the firmware of my WRT54GS since its power LED keeps on blinking. I'm trying to do the instructions on this link but i can't continue because i don't have the Auto Upgrade Utility. please help. thanks in advance.
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Re: Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

You need the tftp.exe file.  The file is located at:
The tftp.exe program will load the firmware into your router.  You must be able to ping the router in order to use this program.
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Re: Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

Go to ..... .... look for tftp.exe it & save it....
After this download look for wrt54gs (check the version number from the bottom panel of router) it also .....
First open the tftp.exe file it will show you server name that should be .....password i.e. admin....
Click browse & choose the router firmware file .....
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Re: Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

I had the same problem, and followed the instructions as provided in several posts on the internet, without much help.  Main problem was that I could not find the Auto Upgrade Utility or TFTP.EXE anywhere on the Linksys website, although I tried to use TFTP in Windows XP Pro.  It did not work; the result was Successfully transerred 311 bytes, although the file was 2.99MB in size.


I called Linksys Tech Support and got a patient chap who didn't just tell me to go buy a new router, but knew what I was looking for.  The first chap hung up on me, because he didn't seem to know much more than what he was seeing on his screen prompts, which basically got him to: "Buy a new router!"


The Auto Upgrade Utility can be located by going to the donwload page for the BEFW11S4 download page ( and selecting the v3.2 hardware, as this is the only one that displays the very particular Setup Wizard link for download; someone should lose their head over this one!  Why don't they just document this.  The filename is BEFW11S4-v2_SetupWizard.exe (aka the Auto Upgrade Utility).  Safe it to a folder on your hard drive.


Once you have downloaded the utility and the latest firmware bin file for your router (preferably in the same folder), use these brief insstructions/tips to upgrade the router:


  • Connect via an Ethernet cable to one of the router's LAN ports (not Internet/WAN port) at 10 or 100 MB/s, half-duplex; slower the better, but it worked at 100 MB/s for me.  Use a static IP address such as for your computer.
  • Make sure you can ping the router from the command prompt (ping
  • Reboot the router.
  • Run the utility, and use Server:, Password: admin, and locate the firmware bin File from the earlier download.
  • Again, ping the router from the command prompt, just to make sure it is still connecting and not timing out.
  • Click Upgrade.  If all is well, the router will be upgraded without a problem.

IMPORTANT:  Give the router a couple of minutes to reboot and settle down.  When I upgraded the first time, the power light was still flashing and I (and the Linksys technician) thought it had failed and unplugged the router to see if a reboot would solve the problem.  It did not.  I repeated the steps, and this time I waited a couple of minutes, and voila(!) the power light became steady and the router worked like it was brand new again! 


Hope this helps.  Locating the Auto Upgrade Utility was the key to solving this problem for me.




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Re: Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

To: Sunny Jamshedji


Your info on finding the Auto Update Utility in the BEFW11S4 Downloads page was wonderful! With it, I was able to successfully save my client's 'bricked' router and now have a working unit again. Much thanks!



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Re: Where can i download the Auto Upgrade Utility?

Many thanks for provided information. I was almost about to throw out WRT54GL as i thought that it dies (it runs for 3 years in a bit extreme conditions, thats i wasnt so much suprised).


many many thanks 

Jaroslav Karlik