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Who's using my internet???

Hello, I was wondering if their was a way to check to see who is on my wireless network. I'm using a linksys wireless-b router model BEFW11S4 (if that helps). In the last couple days my wireless connection to a certain computer has been very slow plus today its giving me the low limited connectivity error message. Which causes it not to connect to my router. I went into my linksys router setup, changed the password. Now i go into Status, then Local Network then DHCP Client List. Now I kinda remember which names i put on my computers, I have the main one thats connected thrue an ethernet to my router, then 2 other wireless ones in other rooms. I saw that my pc's listed on that list but I also see a 4th connection named "Kayla" connected thrue a wireless connection. I just dont know any kayla's and im starting to guess it might be one of my neighbor's leeching my wifi. I know this is a dumb question but how do I check to see what every one of my pc's is named, so that i can identify whos who on that client list. Also my original question is , how can I see whos on my wifi, other than that setup page way. Any suggestions tips will help, thank you. :robotsurprised:
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Re: Who's using my internet???

The DHCP client list is one resource to find about computers which use DHCP to get an IP address.

The Wireless MAC Client List shows you currently connnected clients. You should find this list somewhere on the Wireless MAC Address Filtering tab (I don't know how it is called on your router).

I would go through all your computers and write down the MAC addresses of the ethernet and wireless card/adapter. You can see the MAC address either printed on a label on the computer/card/adapter or you can open a command prompt window in Windows ("Run..." and enter "cmd") and enter "ipconfig /all". The "physical address" is the MAC address. It consists of 12 hexadecimal digits separated by '-' or ':'. Be sure to pick the right one for the ethernet adapter (local area connection) and your wireless card.

If you see other MAC addresses in the wireless client list of the router someone else is connecting to your router (and possibly your network, your computers, your internet connection). You can search for the manufacturer of the wireless card at the IEEE website. You enter the first six digits of the MAC address (e.g. 00-b2-a1) into the search field and it returns the company to is allocated to. Maybe this gives you an idea...

Have you setup wireless security. For a secure router/wireless network you must:

- change the router configuration password from 'admin' to something else.
- change the network name/SSID to something unique.
- enable WPA or WPA2 security with a strong preshared-key.

Don't use WEP, it is cracked within a few minutes. The wireless mac address filtering list won't really protect it either as MAC addresses are easily forged.
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Re: Who's using my internet???

For your information WEP nor WEP2 are totally secured.  FBI agent shows recently that they can break the access key in 3 hours using simple computer.
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Re: Who's using my internet???

What is WEP2?

FYI: no security is totally secure. Everything can be broken, eventually. A weak passphrase is cracked with a simple brute-force dictionary attack.

Do you have a link for the 3hrs?