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Windows 7 (WUSB54GSC + WRT54GS 7.2)

Hey all,


So I'm running windows 7 beta, and I'd say about 70% of the time my wireless connection is fine. However lately I am not able to connect to my router. 


I have the WUSB54GSC adapter and using the WRT54GS 7.2 router. My adapter can see my router, and other neighborhood routers. I was running WPA2 AES, but lowered it to WPA AES to see if that was the issue, but there is no difference. The only way I can connect 100% of the time is if I remove security completely, which I won't do.


Its really weird, sometime just restarting my pc 2 or 3 times will allow it to connect, sometimes it will just randomly connect by itself which makes me think there is a timer job that is causing it to reconnect. Its really annoying though, starting up my pc and not being able to connect. Anyone else have this type of issue? My guess it that it may just be a driver/Win7 issue. I think my adapter actually only has drivers for xp, none for even vista. Oh well...any thoughts?

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Re: Windows 7 (WUSB54GSC + WRT54GS 7.2)

It is a driver issue and not the router of the adapter...There are no drivers for Windows 7(atleast not that I know of)...You should download the Vista Drivers from here and un-install the adapter and re-install it, also try to lower down the security from WPA to WEP and see if there is any difference...
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Re: Windows 7 (WUSB54GSC + WRT54GS 7.2)

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Hey, thanks for the reply.  I went to the link and all I see is the xp driver for it (for both version 1 and 2). I THINK I have version 1 of the adaptor, or at least nothing denotes that I have version 2. I don't see any vista driver.


I could try going to WEP but I cringe at the thought of it, considering I personally can break a WEP enabled network pretty easily. Not that I do, but I could..


After doing some testing it seems like it is an authentication issue. You're probably right its most likely a driver issue. So if you could point me towards the vista drivers again, that would probably work. Maybe they don't have vista drivers yet for my adaptor?


I really didnt' want to buy a new "vista compatible" adaptor because I spent like, 50 bucks on this one..but I might have to if they dont come out with drivers soon.



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Re: Windows 7 (WUSB54GSC + WRT54GS 7.2)

I have much better results with Windows 7 RC. Dump the Beta and install RC.