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Windows 7 wireless cannot connect

I upgraded to Windows 7 yesterday and when I got finished it would not let me connect to my wireless router. I put in every combination of ecryptions and password types in the thing and put the right password in. I called HP support and the guy made me check to see if it is the hardware so I did the test for it and it worked fine. Then he said the router may not like you adding a new computer to it, but I already had this computer connected it with Vista installed. There are also 4 other computers added to the wireless router all at seperate times not at once. 2 XP machines which the router was setup on one of them, a Vista machine and a Mac. I turned all of them off to connect and nothing happened. I also turned on and off the router pushed the connect button and I know the password is correct b/c i retyped it in the other computers and they connected. The wireless on my Vista has it set to WAP-Personal TKIP The router is a Linsys WRT130N router. The computer is a HP Pavillion e9180t is that helps its the default wireless router in it.
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Re: Windows 7 wireless cannot connect

Did you actually upgrade from Vista or did you do a clean install? I have a WRT54G2 which worked flawlessly with the public beta and the RC and now with the final version, but all were clean installs on my dv6156eu.

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Re: Windows 7 wireless cannot connect

As you have Updated your OS from Vista to Windows 7, Make sure the Wireless Adapter which is installed on your computer, the Drivers are compatible with Windows 7. It might be happening because the adapter drivers are not compatible with Windows 7.


If you have enable Wireless MAC Filter on your router, you can Turn off the Wireless MAC filter on your Router and then try to see if you are getting connected to your wireless network. 


If that still doesn't work then update the drivers for your wireless adapter on your computer.