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Wireless Hotel Room Setup for WRT54G V.8

I am in a hotel room with my WRT54G Version 8. I have wired access thorugh a CAT5 port of the hotel network. I want to setup my WRT54G using the CAT5 port to create a wireless network. I have failed with early attempts and was hoping someone here could give me a step by step on how to do that.
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Re: Wireless Hotel Room Setup for WRT54G V.8

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In most cases, your router should work if the "Internet Connection Type" is set to the default setting of "DHCP - automatic".  Connect the hotel wire to the "Internet" port on the WRT54G.
If this fails to connect, then disconnect from the hotel wire, then in the router, change the "Local IP address" to .  Power down the sytem, then reconnect to the hotel wire and power up.  It should work.
If you still have trouble, and if your hotel has paid Internet access, and if you already logged in by connecting your computer directly to the hotel port, then the most likely cause is that the hotel has captured your computer's MAC address and it will not let your router (which has a different MAC address) login.  In this case, disconnect from the hotel connection, then clone the MAC address of the working computer to the router, then power down your system.  Reconnect your system and power up.  It should work.
You won't want others connecting to your wireless network, so be sure to secure it using WPA or WPA2 and a strong encryption password.    Likewise, make sure your router has a strong login password.

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Re: Wireless Hotel Room Setup for WRT54G V.8

In this case check what is the IP address on the computer when it is connected to the ethernet directly. Please post the same.