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Wireless Network Connection Status


I right clicked on my network by clicking on the "bar graph" icon on the bottom of the screen, and then clicked on "status", which opens Wireless Connection Status.  Unfortunately, I clikced on "disable".  Now, when I right click on the network, I don't get the "status" option, so I can't enable the network.

Please help!

Thank you,


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Re: Wireless Network Connection Status

Go and press the START button > NETWORK CONNECTIONS > NETWORK AND INTERNET CONNECTIONS and your wireless adapter should be there... just enable it



Or you can go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Network and Internet connections



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Re: Wireless Network Connection Status

Thank you for your response. 

I don't think that I explained my situation well enough. 

I have a wired PC, and a laptop connected to the Internet through a wireless router.  The name of my connection, or network is "wizard".  When I right clicked on "wizard", the dialog box gave an option for "status".  I clicked on that, then I clicked "disable". 

I cannot find a way to enable it.  I can get to the Internet through a "default" connection, but it is slower.

I followed your instructions, but I don't see the wireless adapter that you are referring to.  


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Re: Wireless Network Connection Status

On your computer click on Start - Control Panel - Network and Internet Connection - Then click on Network and Sharing Center - then under Task click on "Manage Wireless Networks" and then remove all the Preferred Networks from the List and then try to connect to your wireless network again.