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Wireless Router's Second Config Address

I have two routers, one wired, one wireless.  I got both to work and managed to access only the wired config screen by accessing  I assigned my wireless router as and i still couldn't access the wireless router as long as I was connected on the wired router.  I remember doing some searching and found another config address for the wireless router that has been hardwired into the router.  Its been 2 years since i last configured my wireless router and I can't remember what it is.  If you know the "secret" wireless config address can you post it here?  Thank you.
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Re: Wireless Router's Second Config Address

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It's not secret. If you have remote management enabled on the wireless router you can access the router on its LAN IP address and WAN IP address. The LAN IP address is The WAN IP address depends on how you have setup the internet connection settings on the wireless router. If you have set up a static IP address you'll find it on the main setup page. If you have set up the wireless router for DHCP then you'll find the current address on the Status page of the router. However, the DHCP IP address may change over time. The WAN IP address is an address in 192.168.1.*.

I don't know why you have set up two separate LANs. A better solution is probably this. That way all computers connect into the same LAN and you can access the web interfaces of both routers using the LAN IP addresses.
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Re: Wireless Router's Second Config Address

What are the model numbers of your routers?