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Wireless router has stopped working

A few hours ago, my Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router stopped working, for no apparent reason. The internet connection is still working, however, when I hook up my computer to the wireless router, I can no longer receive internet, as well as when trying to acquire a wireless signal on my laptop (my laptop shows that I'm getting a signal, however, In actuality I am not).
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Re: Wireless router has stopped working

Please try the following if you have not done it already.
Powercycle the router by removing your power cable from the back then remove the power cable from your modem. Wait about 1minute and plug your modem back up then plug your router back up and wait about 3-5 minutes for the items to sync with each other. Now try to connect.
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Re: Wireless router has stopped working

Firstly make sure that the wireless settings are working fine .....
Also check under wireless network connection if it shows connected or not ...
If shows connected ... try going online ..... & check the Ip address also ....