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Wireless won't stay connected

My wireless signal shows up as having a strong signal, but it won't stay connected for more than 5-10 minutes. It WILL connect, it just won't stay connected.. If the signal is fine and it is capable of connecting, why will it not connect? The router is about 6 years old....should I just get a new one?
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Re: Wireless won't stay connected

The reason why most wireless connections drop out is due to wireless interference. 2.4GHz networks are very crowded as there are a whole bunch of devices running on this frequency. To help make the connection stable, you will need to set a specific channel for the network. The inSSIDer is a tool that can help you figure out which channel to use best. Also, ensure that your network is password protected. Use a high security mode like WPA2 Personal to keep freeloaders at bay.


It is also recommended to update the driver for your wireless adapter. This should fix any bugs that might be causing this type of issue.

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Re: Wireless won't stay connected

And... what is the model number of the Linksys router????