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Wrong Network Access wifi name

I have the WRT100 wireless router setup on my main computer with the network name of Aquaman02 which seems to be working fine and my main computer is hard wired directly to this router and can access the internet fine.  My wife's dell laptop was accessing the wifi "aquaman02" point without difficulty but then I tried to setup a network on my wifes laptop so she could share the files from the main computer.  She has Windows 7 and the main computer has XP.  Now her laptop has changed the main wifi name to her computer name and her laptop and my 2nd laptop can no longer access the internet.  The wifi access point name should be aquaman02.  I can't seem to find a way to delete this false network.  Someone please help.  Thanks.

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Re: Wrong Network Access wifi name

Delete the preferred network from the computer and try to connect the wireless network again on the computer.


On Xp computer...Click on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>>Network Connections >>Here right click on the "Wireless Network Connection" icon and select Properties- Click on the "Wireless Network" tab- Make sure that ""Use windows to configure my wireless network settings"" is checked- In the "Preferred Networks" box select each network name and click on "Remove" to make it empty- Click on OK. 


Right click on the Wireless Network Connection again and click on View Available Wireless Networks and try to re-connect to your network...Now it will give you the opportunity to put the network/wep key, make sure you enter the correct network key and confirm it...It will connect... 


On the Windows7 Computer... Click Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >>Click on Manage Wireless each network name and click on "Remove" to make it empty- Close the window.


Now,Click Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >>Click on Connect to a Network and select your Wireless Network and click Connect, it should ask for your Network Key/Password, enter the correct password/network key and click Connect...It should connect...Once you are connected you should restart the computer, it should connect to Internet...



For File and Sharing...Check this link.

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Re: Wrong Network Access wifi name

When I go to the Networks Connection area in Control Panel on my main computer using Windows XP, I do not have anything labled Wireless Network.  I have the main Internet Gateway, and under that the 1394 Connection, and Local Area Connection Icons.  If I choose properties on the 1394 connection, I do not get a choice of a wireless network tab.   (Only a General and Advanced Tabs)  Advanced Tab only allows me to change firewall settings or ICS settings.


I went to my wifes laptop using Win 7 and deleted the network under manage wireless networks.  That was actually the correct network name though.  Under this section only listed the previous correct network and it said it would connect automatically to this network if it was found in range.  Problem is that it is not available in the wireless networks that appear.  My wifes computer had changed the aquaman02 network name to her computer name.  I can not find anywhere on my main XP computer that lists her computer name as signals being sent out from my router or my main computer.  If I turn her computer off completely, her computer name wireless network is still available (I can see the wifi spots on my other laptop)  still can't connect through this connection though, even with my other laptop.   So, I guess I still need to delete the false network from my main computer somehow.  This is highly frustrating.  Thanks for your help so far.