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Wrt54g with Sonicwall Tz170 Router, help?

Hello all,


  I have set up quite a few Linksys routers, but not in this configuration. This problem has me scratching my head.  The problem is this:  I have a Sonic Wall TZ170 Firewall as our router, and gateway to the internet.  That is connected to a standard Embarq DSL modem that is bridged to our Firewall/Router.  Our IP Scheme is 10.132.230.xx to all our pc's, so I really need to stick with that same scheme to connect to network printers, our domain controller, a VPN to another state, etc.  When I set up the Linksys Wireless router for a few laptops here, it changes the IP's to 192.168.X.X, which no longer can print to network printers, or connect to our server for Exchange Server etc.


I have set up Linksys Wireless Access points with no problem at all.  Is there a way to make this Router act like a Access Point?  With a access point, all I had to do was put a free IP address in, subnet mask, and our gateway IP and it works great!  Our Sonic Wall Router still hands our IP's through its dhcp setting that way.  


I know that changing the routers IP address to the same 10.132.230.xx  in the network setup will allow the rest of the pc's to have that same scheme,  but when I do, I can’t connect to the internet.  What IP settings should I use for the Internet Setting?  I thought I should turn off the DHCP, so it could pull a IP from our Sonic Wall Router, and just use the WRT54G as a access point, but it doesn’t want to do that.   


I guess I basically would like to have our Sonic Wall router to still hand out all the IP's, and still use the Linksys Router for our Laptop users is all I really need.


Any help would greatly be appreciated!  Thank you in advance!!


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Re: Wrt54g with Sonicwall Tz170 Router, help?

Change the router's ip address to the same range as the sonic wall, disable the dhcp server, change mode to router mode, connect the cable from the sonicwall to one of the numbered ethernet ports instead of the internet port.
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Re: Wrt54g with Sonicwall Tz170 Router, help?

Thank you very much!  It works!   I would have never thought to use the cable that came from our switch, or (Sonic Wall) and connect it to one of the numbered ports.  I thought you always had to connect it to the Internet Port.  I had everything else correct.
Thank you again for your knowledge and time!!