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Xbox 360 Wireless and WRT300N V1

I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my WRT300N V1 through the Microsoft Wireless Network Adapter. I have already spent 2 hours with both Microsoft and Linksys support so I'm wondering if anyone else might have an answer.
I have already forwarded the ports UDP 88, UTP 3074 and UDP 3074 as per Microsoft. I have also already tried assigning a static IP address to the Xbox.
Both units, Xbox 360 Elite and Wireless Network Adapter, are brand new. I am not having any trouble accessing wireless with any of the 3 laptops. Nothing is running Vista.
What works:
+I am able to connect to the network (Green Light on back of Network Adapter)
+I am able to access LIVE with a direct connection to the router
What doesn't work:
+Trying to use wireless to access LIVE
+While testing, it fails at the "IP Address" test
Any suggestions would be great!
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Re: Xbox 360 Wireless and WRT300N V1

Sorry everyone, forgot to search the forum before posting. I found the answer. Using one of the four keys genereated from the router fixes everything. Thanks anyways!