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Xbox kicked while wired on ea9300

I have a Linksys ea9300 router that works great. The problem i am having is that as soon as i plug the ethernet into my xbox one x, it recognizes the connection, but the router immediately kicks it even though it is wired. It continously connects and gets kicked as long as the ethernet is plugged in. I know the ethernet cable works, b/c i used the exact same one on 2 other computers and it worked fine. Its not my xbox, b/c if i take the ethernet out of the router and plug it straight into the modem, the xbox works fine. Everything else works on the network, and the xbox works when i connect it wirelessly. Does anyone have any clue why it would kick my xbox when it is wired?
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Re: Xbox kicked while wired on ea9300

Hi, Odysseus,


We'd like to look into this further. Have you tried using a different Ethernet cable for isolation? If the issues still persist, try to connect the Xbox one to a different LAN port on the router and make sure that your router is using the latest Firmware.


If both workarounds don't work, please send us an email at with the following details along with a link to this community post, and we'll endorse your case to our Escalation Engineers for further diagnosis.

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