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can't connect multiple devices

We have a home wireless router, the WRT110, and use it to connect our printer and laptops to a network and internet.  However, whenever a 3rd laptop is attempted to connect to the network, it can never fully connect to it and always has "limited access."  The router can supposedly handle up to 5 devices.  Is there a special setting or why can we never connect all 3 laptops?
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Re: can't connect multiple devices

Try to readjust the wireless settings on the router....Login to the Linksys Setup Page and try the following changes...


Click on the Wireless tab...Set the Radio Band to Standard-20MHz and change the Standard channel to 11-2.462GHz...Change the Beacon Interval to 75,Change the Fragmentation Threshold to 2304, Change the RTS Threshold to 2304,Click on "Save Settings"...Now see if you can locate your Wireless Network and attempt to connect...