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can't connect tablet to router

I have a wrt54gs linsys router with speedbooster.  I bought my son a tablet for xmas.  I cannot connect the tablet to the network.  It finds my network, searches for an IP address, and then disconnects.  It will connect for about 2 seconds, and then shows disconnected.  My PC's, and WII work fine, although getting the WII ad netflix to reconnect after a power outage is like rocket science requiring field support every time.  My tablet wont stay connected, and the book tells me that the router must accept 802.11b/g, and that if it has 802.11n, then it needs to be reconfigured to accept 802.11b/g.  Is this my problem?  I cannot find anything on the router except 802.11G.  What can I do?  

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Re: can't connect tablet to router

Why? Do you have wireless security on your network? Are you being asked for it when you connect?


This might help..



Connecting wireless computers to your network

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Re: can't connect tablet to router

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What kind of table is this? Is it an iPad? If so, you may check these links for help:


The steps in this article are also generally applicable for your tablet.