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Registered: ‎10-12-2007

can't create a new password in WRT54GS wireless router

I'm trying to configure my Wireless router WRT54GS and i'm facing troubles with the passwords. When I insert a new password and the user name and password of my DSL ISP, the program accept it, gives me a message that says that the changes were made with success, but when it returns to the configuration screen, there are 15 black dots in the password field and, of course, I don't get a connection.(My passord has only 7 positions.) I've done all that I know to fix it, but the problems always come back. I've pressed the reset button already too. Many times. Someone would help me? Wlademir Mendes Brazil
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Re: can't create a new password in WRT54GS wireless router

well....the elongated password is not a worry .. as the password you enter is encrypted by the router .. therefore a long password
did you try entering the username as the complete email add like ??
also, ensure that the DSL modem in in bridge mode ...