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cannot map to E3000 in Windows or OS X

I got my E3000 awhile back, but I am just now trying to set up a network hard drive connected to the USB port.  I can see the drive and partitions fine in the router web interface, and the E3000 shows up in my network both on Windows and OS X machines.  I can even see the drive partitions I've created as folders within the E3000 in OS X.


But when I try to access the drive or its folders, whether it's by mapping or just otherwise trying to connect through the network interface in either OS, the user name and password are not accepted.  I am just using the "admin" user name, but I have set a password, and I know they are accurate because I am able to connect to the router web interface using them.


I'm sure there is something small I'm overlooking.  I don't work in IT, but I'm usually relatively savvy with the basic stuff like this.  Any advice appreciated.

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Re: cannot map to E3000 in Windows or OS X

Try creating a new user in Storage => Administration => Create new user

and make it a member of the admin group.

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Re: cannot map to E3000 in Windows or OS X

Thanks!  That worked like a charm.  Curious, though, why that was necessary, so maybe I'll learn something for the future.  And did I miss that in the user guide?