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clearwire connection

I am trying to connect router (wrt54g) to clearwire(wireless) internet. During setup internet connection not found. Do I need to change internet connection setting or what?
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Re: clearwire connection

Yes. You do need to change the internet connection type on that router to the one that is used by your ISP. Also you may need to Clone the MAC address of your PC.

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Re: clearwire connection

What is the exact model number and version number of the router by the way? If it is a v5 or a v6, then update the routers firmware first. To upgrade it automatically, go to and run the EasyLink Firmware tool. Smiley Happy This one should assist you in upgrading the routers software. Make sure all firewalls are off though. Smiley Happy
After you have done that...Do this exact process:
Physical Connections:
► modem goes into the internet port
► main PC goes into port 1 (or any of the numbered ports)
To configure the router
► open up IE and type in on the address
(username just leave it blank / password is admin)
► go the MAC Address Clone tab
- enable and click on the clone button
- save the settings
► then turn off in the ff order:
- PC
- router
► reboot in the opposite order
This process should hopefully at least get you online wired to the router. Smiley Happy