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connecting to a wireless printer using a WRT54GS

I have a Canon MP620 wireless printer.  I am using a WRT54GS router.  I have been unable to connect to my printer wirelessly.  The router works fine connecting to the internet.  Is this not possible with this router?  Or am I missing something?  The instructions for the printer say the access point has to support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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Re: connecting to a wireless printer using a WRT54GS

WPS has only been around for 2 years, so it is hard to believe that your printer requires the router to have WPS.  This would limit the printer to just a few wireless routers, and would make it incompatible with many older wireless g routers.  I doubt that Canon would setup their printer this way.


More likely, WPS is just one of the setup options that your printer offers.  WPS automates the setup of a secure, WPA encrypted, wireless connection.


All (or nearly all) wireless g routers support WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption.  This encryption can be manually setup in your router.  Most likely, it can also be setup manually in your MP620.


When you encrypt your wireless network, you should use the best encryption method that is supported by all your devices.  Ideally you would use WPA2 encryption, since this is stronger than WPA.  Note that WPA2 = WPA with AES.  Ordinary WPA = WPA with TKIP.

If some of your wireless devices cannot do WPA2, then use WPA.  Do not use WEP.


To get your printer and router to talk to one another, they will need to be set to the same SSID (do not use "linksys" ), the same encryption method, and the same key (sometimes called password or passphrase).


Most printers come with a driver that is "network aware".  You will need to install this driver on each computer that will use the printer.  Carefully follow the manufacturer's setup instructions.


Some printers will need to be set to a fixed LAN IP address.  If you decide to do this, make sure that the address is outside your DHCP server range (default is  thru unless you changed it )  and it does not end in 0, 1, or 255.  I would suggest that you assign your printer to , as this should be easy to remember for an MP620 printer.  Additonally, if you set the printer to a fixed LAN IP address, you would need to set the Subnet Mask to , the Gateway to , and the DNS server to

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Re: connecting to a wireless printer using a WRT54GS

WPS support is not available on your router...If your Printer will only support Wi-Fi-Protected Setup you might have to purchase a different model router that will support WPS Setup(like WRT110N, WRT160N, WRT310N etc)...
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Re: connecting to a wireless printer using a WRT54GS

You say "do not use 'linksys' as an SSID" name. Can you tell me why not? That is exactly what I use and I don't want to have to change all my devices to get this printer to work wirelessly unless I have to.