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connecting two routers wirelessly

I have two routers WRT54GL  and WRT54GC and want to connect them wirelessly.
First of all would it be possible to do that? If not why? Smiley Happy
and second... what should I use instead? A bridge...or what?
 I will appreciate your responses and inputs.
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Re: connecting two routers wirelessly

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Re: connecting two routers wirelessly

As you want to connect two routers wirelessly ...... it is not possible as the router need to be connected to internet cable on the internet port ...... so it will generate signals & connected to that you will go online .....
For second unit it can generate the same network name (SSID) as of the first one ..... but as the router is not connected any internet cable you will not be able to
go online with that signal.....
For your requirement,
If you want to extend the wireless distance ......use WRE54G (wireless range extender) .... it will communicate wirelessly to the existing router & increase the distance of wireless signals .....
If you want to convert wireless connection to wired connection ..... use WET54G (wireless Ethernet bridge)......
Let me know if any other doubts .......
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Re: connecting two routers wirelessly

Let me just clarify some things regarding the network I am trying to "build".


There is a DSL modem connected to

WRT54GL router (that has IP and subnet mask and

2 desktop computers wired to the router (that acquire IP addresses with DHCP starting from and

1 laptop wirelessly connected to the router (also with DHCP)

and everything up to here works perfectly ... I have internet on all three machines


The MAIN problem is connecting the WRT54GC router wirelessly to the main router. On this router I need to connect(with wire) a Dreambox satellite receiver so that the dreambox will have internet. Smiley Wink

I suppose a Wireless Bridge (WET54G) will do best here .. or even a wireless Access Point (WAP54G). 

I bought the router thinking that I can easily connect it wirelessly (because the WRT54GC is 3-in-1 device and because of the price-cheaper than the bridge or the AP).Robot Mad

But as I supposed .... I will just exchange the WRT54GC for a Network Bridge WET54G... and I know it will work...


Gollum thank you very much for your answer and clarification of the things...


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Re: connecting two routers wirelessly

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Now if you can run a wire from your dreambox to your WRT54GL would eliminate the need to a second AP/router.  Is that a option?    To set up a wireless bridge most of the time you will need two AP's/bridge for each end.  Look at the linksys web site to see if your routers or if you plan to buy any AP's to make sure they can be bridged.  That way if you set your WRT54GL like you have it then wire a AP to it then bridge that AP wirelessly with a second AP then connect your dreambox to the second AP would work.  Or you could add a hub to the second AP and have multiple ports to connect to on the other side of the bridge.  I have done this with WAP54GP's a few times for different business applications and it works like a charm.  The WAP54GP's are a bit spendy for just a home user but I used that as an example.
Some third party frimware wil allow you to bridge routers but since your hardware is new I would not recomend it.  It would viod any warrenty you have on your new hardware. This LINK will give you more information on that.

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Re: connecting two routers wirelessly

Well, there is no official way to do it, but there are certainly instructions for doing things like this by hacking in a new OS to the routers ( see for some ideas)... Whether this is cheaper than buying the correct hardware up front depends on how you value your time and whether or not you brick one of them tweaking the OS. Have fun! mike