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e1000 lights won't stop blinking



I have an E1000 wireless router and after rebooting it from the web admin page it won't stop blinking.  I tried following the reset instructions on this page but it is still blinking.


I can't access via my browser either.


Is there anything else that I can try before considering it defective?


Thank you very much!

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Re: e1000 lights won't stop blinking

I think you can Hard reset the router.

Disconnect all the devices from the router.

Connect only one computer on the Ethernet port on the router.

Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds.

Power cycle the router and check the IP Address on your computer.

If you get valid IP Address like 192.168.1.XX  then try to ping the IP Address of your router.

If you get auto configuration IP Address like 169.254.XX.XX  then assign a static IP Address to the computer and try to ping the IP Address of the router . If you are able to ping the IP Address then try to open the setup page of the router.


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Re: e1000 lights won't stop blinking

Here's what worked for me with power cycling and the reset button fail:


1. Unplug ALL the cords from the router, including power.

2. With your computer on and running, plug an ethernet cord from the router #1 output to your computer's ethernet input.

3. Power up the router by plugging in the power cord. You should immediately notice the flashing stops and the router starts booting up normally.


Replace the ethernet cord to connect the modem to the router, and let the boot-up finish. That's what worked for me. There's a slim chance it was just coincidental, but I doubt it and I hope it works for you.

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Re: e1000 lights won't stop blinking

I have a Comcast cable modem. I always have this issue when I ever unplug my E1000 router. I have found that it is that I am not plugging everything back in in the correct order. This is the system that has worked for me:


1. Unplug all cables (ethernet and power) from the router

2. Unplug the power from the modem

3. Plug the ethernet cable that runs from the modem to the router back into the router.

4. Then plug the power back into the modem.

5. Finally, plug the power back into the router.


The lights should stop blinking and it should boot up normally. Then plug the rest of your ethernet cables that go to your other devices into the router. If that doesn't work for you I would recommend resetting both your router and modem and then trying these steps again.