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e2500 and XBox Performance...

I just upgraded from my old WRT54 to an e2500.  The default Ciscso settings provides a connection, but the performance is really bad.  Any suggestions?


I didn't have to do any NAT settings (or any other similar settings) on my old router to get great performance.


Any ideas?

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Re: e2500 and XBox Performance...

Here are two settings I tried that improved performance:


-  Wireless>manual>channel 161 for 5Ghz and 11 for 2.4Ghz (initially set to Auto)Security

-  Uncheck Filter Anonymous Internet Requests (initially enabled)


xBox performance improved as well.

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Re: e2500 and XBox Performance...

Follow the steps that has been provided by  72billyk72x .

Also you have to open the ports for the Xbox on the Linksys router .

Who is you Internet Service Provider ?

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Re: e2500 and XBox Performance...

He IS 72billyk72x.

Try setting a static IP address for the 360 and then forward some ports.

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Re: e2500 and XBox Performance...

Alright, i purchased the Linksys e2500 hoping to improve my xbox live performance...what a puzzle. Can sombody please give me a real solution regarding this router bc there seems to be so little info around.


First thing:  I have had NO NAT ISSUES whatsoever.  NAT is always open.




I have configured the Linksys E2500 router so many times now due to *COD Black ops, I am going brain dead.


*For xbox live cod black ops, press the "back" button on your 360 controller when in the "options" menu.  It gives you a lot of info like your region code, internal/external ip, etc... But the thing I have always been focused on is the BANDWIDTH number.


*The first month I had this router that specific number was atleast over 1300, and even as high as over 1700.  Now, for the past month or so it has been hovering around the 1100 - 1200 ish range.  And I feel like the whole "lag" issue has been ridiculous.  Yes, I know there are many many factors that contribute to lag i.e.. Location of members in your party relative to you, their connection quality, etc... But regardless, when my readings of 1300 to 1700 were consistent, sooner than later the lag would not be as big of a deal.


Being the impatient person that I am, I think I changed my router settings during this period of time and can't remember what I had set.  And YES, I didn't utilize the backup option first.


Settings that have usually been constant through each router settings change venture are:


Static ip address, Qos (xbox MAC ADDRESS), Port Range Forwarding (typical xbox live ports 3074, 88, 80 and a few specific to COD Black Ops, which are listed on, but the only issue with that is that the Linksys E2500 is not listed on their website!  Every other Linksys E series router is, extremely frustrating!) DISABLING UPnp, UNCHECK FILTER ANONYMOUS REQUEST BOX.


Like I said my NAT has ALWAYS BEEN OPEN SO THAT'S NOT THE ISSUE.  I have received A's on both speed/ping test from speedtests websites.


I am so brain dead and frustrated with trying to figure out optimal settings, but I hope that by finally venting my frustrations, some positive feedback and results might yield.


If anybody with adequate knowledge about the Linksys E2500 router and or xbox live combined could atleast throw me ideas, NOT USELESS LINKS TO OTHER ROUTERS, or, GENERIC INFO I HAVE READ ABOUT COUNTLESS TIMES, I would truly appreciate it!!! Thank you.


LeathaFace xii