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e3000 connection issue

I have a cisco cable modem connected to Time Warner, and an e3000.   I try to network all my stuff, but it seems that once a week internet access gets lost...and not knowing why I re-boot the pc's and could not get out of the router...hardwired a laptop to the cable modem and it was fine, but once connected to the router - no  internet...seems to happen with increasing regularity...


I use the router wireless for laptops, iPhones, XBOX, PS3, iPad....I hardwire to the router  for a Vonage device, and a sling box device that ties to a remote slingbox receiver providing internet access to another PS3, TV, and DVR...everything works fine usually, but as mentioned all tanks about 1x a week... could it have to do w/ a WD backup running weekly?



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Re: e3000 connection issue

There might be some settings required in the router so that it gets the proper solution. Well you can try the following steps:


A] With the help of Cisco Connect Software (if at all you have installed the router with the help of this software)

1] Open the software and go to the option which says "Router Settings"
2] Then click on the option which says "Advanced Settings" which will take you to the router's configuration page.
3] On that same setup page reduce the MTU value to 1400 from Auto
4] Then go to the Wireless tab, keep network mode as mixed,
For Channel Settings of 2.4 GHz you can make Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 6, 9, 11..

For Channel Settings of 5 GHz you can make Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 40 or 161...

B] If you haven't installed Cisco Connect then you can log on to the router's user interface using it's default IP address in the browser which is and type in 'admin' as the password leaving the username field blank. This will take you to the router's web interface and then follow steps as mentioned above to make the changes.

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Re: e3000 connection issue

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Dude, this is one in a million case. You have a complicated setup with a couple of different devices tied up to each other to create one hell of a technogadget spiderweb.(or maybe I'm exaggerating)


I guess you need to upgrade the firmware of your router if the that's the one causing the disconnection issue.

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Re: e3000 connection issue

could also be overheating... where did you put your router by the way?  it needs enough ventillation in order to work fine. 

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