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e3000 external ip


I'm trying to make an ftp server to access from internet.


I've got static external ip

my e3000 is connected to a modem router provided by my isp.

The thing is when I'm on the web admin panel, on ftp server, internet ip is not the good one, it's an internal from the isp's modem-router.


How can i make the e3000 to see the real internet ip?



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Re: e3000 external ip

You have chained two routers. Of course, only your modem/router will get the public IP address. Put the modem/router into "bridge mode" which will turn it into a simple modem. Then configure your E3000 for your internet connection. Through the bridged modem the E3000 can connect directly to the internet.
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Re: e3000 external ip

I'm having a problems with external access to E3000 USB share.


Cisco E3000 USB drive works fine internally. However when connected to a chained modem, USB drive is not accessible via external IP. Correct ports on the chained modem are open and other protocols work fine. I've read that there is a bug in the 1.0.04 firmware release and the function to open the USB device to the external access is missing.


Please provide instraction how to fix this issue or confirm that there is a problem. May be Cisco engineers could provide a time line for fixing this bug.


Many thanks


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Re: e3000 external ip

Who is your Internet service provider?

If it is DSL then  make sure that your modem is in bridge mode.

Open the setup page of the router and go to Status tab. Check the Internet IP address, it should be a public IP address.

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Re: e3000 external ip

you may also just try changing the default LAN IP of your router to no need to disable DHCP. you'll just have double-NAT setup.