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e4200 and latest firmware

Just about convinced to purchase an e4200.  My situation is all my devices are hardwired to router or switches, I would use wireless once in a while now and would not use media share or the usb port (for now but would be using these in the future).


I have read where there are problems with the latest firmware, should I use it or stick with the version?

Since everything I have is wired should I just use the 2.4 band and turn 5 off for now?



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Re: e4200 and latest firmware

It's up to you. You could wait for them to release a new firmware update or you can just install the latest one if you don't need the media server right now and would like any of the listed features below. You can always go back to v1.0.01 if you want. 




- Fixed some minor bugs                                                                                                                            - Added support of USB printer connected to the router's USB port, so that 
  a user may send a print job to the printer via the local area network.
  ** This feature requires Cisco connect software v1.4 or later **
- Added support of Native IPv6 and 6rd tunnel Internet connections
- Added support of bridge mode        
- Prevented devices on the guest network to access any private IP 
  address (RFC 1918)
- Updated wireless driver to improve interoperability
- Fixed some storage relative issues
- Fixed some browser-based configuration utility bugs 


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Re: e4200 and latest firmware

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Stick with v01 if you want to stream media through a usb drive.. if you want usb printing only go with the new v02.


Oh also if you like to save energy by having your drive turn off when not in use, then stick with the old V01 and dont ever upgrade because it perminately turns it off, even if you down grade.. My drive is on 24/7 now. Smiley Sad

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Re: e4200 and latest firmware

Thanks for the replies....I am sticking with the very first firmware.  Thanks for making it available for download.