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e4200 bridge mode question

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So, with the latest firmware update I could add a second e4200 to my network to use as a bridge or access point?  What I need is another device in my living room that can pick up the wireless signal and dish out network connectivity to my receiver, xbox360, and ps3.  With the new firmware update can this be done with a second e4200?


 How does one connect to each e4200 on the network for setup (dohave to change the default ip address of 1?)


I just bought a trendnet TEW-687GA 450 mb/s wireless gaming adapter and a trendnet 5 port switch to accomplish what I mentioned above.  I'm just wondering if there is an advantage to switching over to two e4200's.  The trendnet adapater does not have a 5ghz channel.



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Re: e4200 bridge mode question

The bridge feature doesn't support wireless bridging. It just dumbs it down to a switch and AP. So unless you flash it with a 3rd part firmware such as dd-wrt, what you are trying to accomplish will be impossible.


I've heard multiple people say that 3rd party firmware for this router is buggy so I would either go with the trendnet and switch setup or the 5ghz capable Linksys WES610n. The 5ghz is ideal for for gaming and streaming media because of less interference compared to the 2.4ghz band. You'll more than likely be able to bond channels with the 5ghz network so that = more bandwidth. 

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Re: e4200 bridge mode question

Thanks for the reply.