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fiber optic help

I have a WRT54G V8. I have fiber optic service. I was using an old Dlink router and had a desktop hard wired thru the router and two others using the wireless function along with a laptop. All was well until Santa brought a new laptop utilizing Vista. The old Dlink router did not support Vista. So I bought the new WRT54G V8. Now not even the hard wired computer works thru this router. Telephone customer service is incompetent to say the least. And the online help is useless.
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Re: fiber optic help

The first thing you need to do is go into the router and see if it is getting an IP address from your ISP. If not then I would hook up the dlink router to the wired computer and go in and write down all the setting that have to do with the WAN configuration. Then hook back up to the linksys and see what setting you may need to change so they match. If you still can't get an IP address you will have to talk to your ISP. They may have a document on their web site that tells how to setup a router.

If your router is getting and IP address then I would check your wired desktop to see if it is getting and IP address from the router. Check the DHCP server configuration on the router to see what IP address it is handing out. If you are using a static IP address on your wired desktop then make sure it is in the same range as IP address that the router is using. Linksys uses the 192.168.1.x range and the router should be setup with an IP address of Try setting your computer to DHCP and see if that works.

If you can ping the router from your wired computer then see if you can ping the DNS servers that your router is getting from your ISP. If you can do that but you can't type in in your browser then you have an DNS issue that the computer may not be getting the correct DNS settings. If you are using a static address then you will probably need to enter the DNS setting manually. If your using DHCP then make sure that the computer is getting the correct DNS server addresses.

For windows 2000 and later you can go to a dos prompt and type in IPCONFIG /ALL and it should show you all your network settings.

If the DNS servers are not correct then you may need to check the router to see if it is getting and giving out the correct DNS settings.

If after all of that and it still doesn't work your going to have to give me more information on what is working and what is not working.

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Re: fiber optic help

If you already installed the router with any of the computer ..... connect the new Vista computer using Ethernet cable ..... it should work.....
I don't think that there would be any comatibilty issue with WRT54G v8 & vista .....
You can give it a try ....
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Re: fiber optic help

Having the same issue. Linksys keeps sending me back to my ISP and my ISP says it is a problem with Linksys as the ISP is delivering service nicely to my desktop (Vista OS) with a wired connection. Have been on tech support with both for over 15 hours now and want to poke my eyes out with sharp pencils. Now Linksys tells me they can't support a fiber optic connection with my WRT54G router and I should acquire a modem from my ISP to try and help out the situation (and of course ISP says I don't need one). Frustrating is not the only word that starts with F to sum this up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks much.
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Re: fiber optic help

Connect your computer directly to your modem.
Log into your modem and go to setup page.  Input your username and password then click on connect.
Now reconnect router between computer and modem.  Try to connect to Internet.
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Re: fiber optic help

I have no modem. AT&T keeps telling me a modem is not compatible with fiber optic. Linksys keeps telling me I need a modem to make the router set up a secured network. My Linksys router used to work, then it got fried when I tried to update firmware, Linksys sent me a new one (same model, newer version) and there's no way anyone at Linksys can help me set up a secure network with it. I have been through about 7 different tech people and I get a different story with every one. Bad customer experienece doesn't begin to describe it.