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file sharing

I have a laptop with XP home, and a desktop with XP pro, both connected to the internet via WRT54G.  They each have a unique computer name, and are on the same workgroup.  firewalls are off, and file sharing is turned on.  while in network places on the desktop, I can see the laptop, but am unable to access it.  While on the laptop I can not see the desktop, and if I try to access the work group, i receive a message stating I do not have permission to do so,  this is rather frustrating , the  only reason I bought a laptop, was so that I could access files on my desktop (located on the third floor of the house)  by the way, I am using one of the linksys usb wireless adapters on the desktop, and the onboard wireless adapter on the laptop.  I tried contacting linksys tech support and was told that file sharing was beyond their area of expertese, any suggestions?
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Re: file sharing

This really does not sound like a router problem. Both computers are in the LAN. The router does not do much there. Search the microsoft website for the exact wording of the error message (i.e. for most search engines put it in double quotes "") and you will most likely find troubleshooting tips for it.

I usually found it helpful to use the windows home network assistent to setup the file sharing in the beginning. It does make all necessary changes to the computers...
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Re: file sharing

Start here or here
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Re: file sharing

Disabling computer software firewalls is not always 100% effective.
Check to see if your WRT54G's physical address is listed in each computer's software firewall's 'Trusted' network list. The firewall sees the router as a 'network'.
If it shows up with something like 'Protected' or 'Restricted', you need to change it to 'Trusted'.
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Re: file sharing

Check the antivirus program on your computer, see whether you enabled the firewall feature. Here are some articles to help you, check to see any misconfiguration.

Simple File Sharing in XP

File Sharing with User/Group Permission in XP Pro

Hope helps..